“We only decided to stage our home because our realtor recommended it, and we were planning to put it on the market. We never thought “our home” could be made over like one of those “home Improvement” shows, but not only did it sell on the first day, our entire home was transformed from a “lived in-Homey” look to a beautiful and pleasant, calming environment. My wife has repeatedly said that she wants our home to always look and feel like this. I am completely sold on how Shannon transformed each and every room. She used many of our own items and added just a few of her own touches for the wow factor. Shannon will absolutely be asked to help design and set the stage for our new home”
Austin, TX

Owner Occupied Home Staging


During our up to 2-hour meeting at your home, we review each room with an emphasis on main living areas, kitchen, dining and master bedroom/bath. We will discuss ways to make the inside of your home appealing to the most potential buyers. This discussion will include tips on furniture placement to maximize space, ways to highlight architectural features and de-cluttering & de-personalizing techniques. In addition, we will review your exterior spaces, offering advice on improving curb appeal and maximizing your patio & yard potential. Our goal is to help you unlock the emotional connection points in your home so your future buyer can feel “at home” from the moment they pull up. This type of consultation is perfect for the DIY type who feels comfortable taking action upon the advice given during our in-home discussion.

**If the home is larger than 4,500 sq. ft., this package will be billed at a 15% surcharge

Enhanced Staging Consultation – $245

We will have up to 2 hours during this intensive in-home consultation.  In addition to all of the items listed above, we also discuss ways to best “renovate to sell” your home including paint color advice, lighting & fan options, flooring improvements and more.  We will provide a detailed & customized Staging Report within a few days of the consultation to record everything that needs to be done to maximize your home’s potential.  Our goal is to help you gain the highest return on investment for every staging dollar spent.

In addition, you will have access to the following valuable tools upon request;

  • Guidance for preparing your home for a showing or open house
  • Recommended Vendor List

This Enhanced Consultation Package is designed to give you all the objective, expert advice you need to do the staging work yourself with the guidance in the step-by-step, detailed report.

 **If the home is larger than 4,500 sq. ft., this package will be billed a 15% surcharge

In both Staging Consultations, we partner with your real estate agent both in preparation for our visit and after our in-home meeting, gaining their expertise and keeping them informed around our staging design plans. 

Owner Occupied Staging & Photo Styling – $100 per hour 

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed about getting your home photo & show ready, Inspire Redesign is happy to help. This staging service is all about rolling up our sleeves to assist at your home after you have followed the advice from the initial staging consultation.  You won’t believe the difference a few hours can make in transforming your home to appeal to the most potential buyers.

We will work alongside of you in your home tackling the following areas…

  • Arranging emotional connection points throughout the home to help buyers feel “at home” when they first walk in your door
  • Room-by-room photo styling (arranging bedding, pillows, kitchen & bathroom countertops, etc.)
  • Assistance in small furniture rearranging (if needed, lighter items only)
  • If you purchased accessories suggested after the initial consultation, we will help you properly place the items throughout the home. If you opted for us to bring our own accessories for rental, we will be prepared to efficiently arrange the items in home

This is a critical service just before professional MLS photos are taken because we style each space for maximum photo impact. In today’s real estate market, pictures are extremely important, especially when over 95% of potential buyers start their search by viewing the home online. Together we can ensure your home is photo-ready.

"Hi Shannon, I thought you might like to hear how it all went at the last home you consulted on for us... she followed your instructions explicitly... we had a great photo session on Monday, Tuesday afternoon we were live in MLS, 7 showings on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday and bang, multiple offers in hand. Picked the buyer last night and we are pending at $11k over ask."

Vacant Home Staging – Contact us for a quote

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a free vacant home staging consultation. Staging package prices depend upon size of home, rooms to be staged, furniture & accessories planned and rental period.  We specialize in Central, South & Southwest Austin


$250 for initial consultation

$125 hourly rate thereafter for additional time in-home OR ONLINE SOURCING

Custom in-home design advice for those who would like to beautify their spaces for their own personal use. This service is perfect for those moving into a new home or updating their existing home. We offer a variety of services such as general design inspiration, paint color advice, flooring ideas, in-room space planning and lighting & accessory sourcing.  We understand that following proven design principals doesn’t require a large budget. We will listen to your style preferences while following the architecture of your home giving you a designer look that will make you feel “at home.” 

Should you need professional recommendations to get the job done after the consultation, we are happy to connect you with some of our recommended vendors