"Shannon is AWESOME! She knows her stuff and she works hard to achieve perfection on staging. You can trust her to come through for you every time to make your listings shine! And she is always professional and courteous with our clients. Highly recommend!”
Prima Womack
Realtor at Womack Real Estate

"In every case, I am very appreciative of the terrific work you do and how much you add to the success of our real estate practice!! We feel and hope you feel tremendous satisfaction that together we make a great team"
Realtor at Papasan Properties Group

Top Reasons to Use a Professional Home Stager Before Your Listings Go on MLS

You may acquire more listings

  • Home staging gives you a unique and competitive difference among peers who do not professional stage their listings
  • The Stager is an added, professional, objective partner to assist in gaining a higher number of referrals towards future clients

Your listings will sell faster

  • Improving your clients home (the product) will help increase demand in any market if priced right
  • 62% of agents report either slight or great decreases in the time the property is on the market as a result of home staging.

You may make more money

  • 36% of buyers will pay a premium simply for improved décor because people do not by houses, they buy homes
  • 77% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.
  • Homes professionally staged often sell for 6 – 10% more than similar non-staged homes

Greatly improved marketing

  • Professionally staged homes are much more photogenic
  • Over 95% of home buyers are online first before they visit a home

Takes a weight off your shoulders

  • Allows you to do what you do best…sell homes
  • Increases your credibility as you are bringing in an expert giving the responsibility of recommended decluttering, depersonalization, furniture arrangements, general repair and other home décor advice to the stager

Can increase your industry status

  • With a reputation of professionally staged listings, agents will show your homes more in order to save themselves time
  • A reputation for quality may be key to weathering market changes

Home staging is less expensive than you think

  • Recommendations to sellers on purchases such as accessories & furniture will yield a high ROI in the sale of the home
  • The cost of the consultation or half day of staging is minimal in the overall return and in potential buyer traffic
  • Many staging recommendations do not require a budget at all as they use what the sellers already own

Increases the home seller commitment

  • 85% of home sellers are willing to spend $ on improvements when selling their home, they just don’t always know where to begin
  • Helping the seller see their home objectively is essential in creating a space that appeals to the largest amount of potential buyers

You will have happy clients

  • Higher sale price + faster sale = happy clients
  • The cost of staging a home is SO much less than a price reduction
“I’ll admit over the past 15 years of selling real estate (mostly listing properties for sellers), I’ve never really utilized the talents of a Home Stager. I recently worked with Shannon on an upcoming multi-million dollar listing. While the home was beautiful, Shannon came along with me to do a consultation of their home room-by-room. She met with both of the homeowners and they very intently listened to all of her comments. She was taking photos as she walked through the home. A few days later they received her VERY comprehensive report which gave them specific actions to improve how each room would look. The homeowners worked on the list and completed EVERYTHING! When I showed up with the photographer for the photo shoot, I was blown away with home much better their home looked. Not only has this process enabled me to present their home in a more positive light, the homeowners are extremely proud of how their home will now be viewed by perspective buyers. I can assure you that Shannon’s talents and skills are now a standard part of my marketing process before putting any future homes on the market for sale. Utilizing Shannon isn’t just for higher dollar listings, she’s now a standard part of the process no matter what the price point is. Thanks Shannon for making me look good to my clients!!”
Bryan Webb
Broker at Webb Real Estate