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I will admit, I am a bit obsessed with pillows.  I always have been.  Quite honestly my pillow obsession goes way back to my strategic placement of both pillows and stuffed animals on my always made bed when I was a kid.  I acted like it didn’t bother me when friends would come over and move all of my stuffed animals to…gasp…play with them!  They always found their way back to their “spot” along with the pillow shams and throw pillows once my friends left.  My husband had a long- standing joke when friends or family would come over that neither he nor they could sit on or move the couch pillows.  Seriously, I am a rational adult, any guest is welcome to sit on or crush or move my throw pillows if it makes them more comfortable on the couch.  By all means, I want my guests to feel at home.  However, just know that when my house guests leave, the pillows will be fluffed and returned to their proper home!

As a whole, I think decorative throw pillows are as much a necessity as a microwave and toaster.  They are an essential part of home décor especially in living rooms & bedrooms. But they are even more important in home staging.  If you are normally not a pillow person, that is OK.  However, if you are selling your home and have a large, dark couch without a throw pillow of any kind, adding a few is essential.  If your bed is made with a simple bedspread or comforter without any pillows or shams, picking up two shams and three pillows combined with a bed made with “hotel corners” can make a plain room into a master retreat.

Decorative throw pillows (and a throw) make your entire room look updated, fresh, warm & inviting.  They add a pop of color to a neutral or dark space.  They add texture and visual interest.  They can hide imperfections & stains in furniture.  They are in essence little home staging miracles that deliver a very high return on investment.  Pillows range in quality & price, but if staging to sell on a tight budget, you can add 3 – 4 beautiful pillows for less than $50.

Even the highest quality throw pillows that are cared for regularly need to be replaced every 3 – 4 years in high traffic areas like family rooms.  Sometimes no matter how hard you try, pillows are crushed beyond return and no amount of fluffing will make them look new again.  If you are selling your home (or just need a refresh in your current home), now is the time to make a trip to Home Goods, At Home, West Elm or even Target for a great selection at very reasonable prices.

5 Tips to Effectively Using Pillows for Home Staging (or for Everyday Life)

  1. Brighten Up – Dark or neutral colored couches (especially in rooms with very little natural light) need at least 4 throw pillows. If you already have a primary accent color in the room, adding pillows with some of that color will tie your design together while giving your couch a lighter & updated feel2. Be Strategic – There is a method to the madness with pillow placement. For beds, start with two shams (you can even consider adding your sleeping pillows behind for convenience), two larger throw pillows and one slightly smaller (or lumbar) pillow in the front.  Often having an odd number such as 5 or 7 looks the most balanced.  For couches, use at least one per corner and preferably two per corner in different sizes or patterns.

3. Mix it Up – Your pillows should be a mix of texture, pattern & size within the same color/tone family. Try mixing a few fluffy, solid pillows with textured, patterned pillows to make any space looked purposefully designed without being too matchy-matchy

4. Add Warmth – Pillows and throws can add a level of coziness to any space. Combining varied, soft textures on an otherwise neutral furniture piece can make any room feel more like “home.”

5. Trash It – If your current pillows look tired, faded or crushed, it is time to let them go. Consider prepping your home for sale as the ultimate in Spring cleaning.

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