Home Staging Austin – Why I Love White (and you should too!)

In staging a home to sell, white is my favorite color.  You may be asking; how can a color absent of pigment be my favorite color?  Well, in staging a home, white has great meaning, it has great power, it elicits a strong emotional response.  Its relative absence of color elicits a sense of cleanliness, openness, brightness & neutrality. It is a fresh slate for new buyers to see themselves living in the home.  Don’t get me wrong, a house completely white and void of color lacks warmth & depth.  I personally believe shades of blue, green, grey/black and yellow are essential accent colors when staging a home to sell.  Additionally, white doesn’t have to be stark white.  Utilizing shades of white strategically throughout the home is key to success.

I am sure any of you who have sold your home in the past have been told to neutralize dark or brightly colored walls.  Really good advice.  Neutral wall colors in shades of white, grey, taupe, cream and my favorite, “greige,” help potential home buyers see the homes features, details and most importantly makes them feel the home is “move in ready.”  I could (and probably will) spend an entire post talking about paint color. However, in this post, my goal is to help you utilize shades of white in décor & accessories for maximum impact on selling your home promptly for top dollar.

Bathrooms – I have listed this room first because in all honesty, it is the most important place to effectively utilize white.  Bathrooms must be clean and nothing says clean in a bathroom more than white.  Most homes have white toilets and sinks which makes it helpful to tie white into the space.  For those who have off white or cream-colored fixtures, using warmer whites & creams will be necessary to match the color tone.  The best and most affordable place to start…towels.  New, fluffy and thick white towels strategically used in bathrooms can make the world of difference.  And luckily many discount home goods stores sell towels at a very low cost.  Another great place to include white is in décor such as soap dispensers, pottery, candles, flowers and even cotton balls & swabs. Clearing the bathroom of personal items and colored towels and replacing with shades of white, neutral items, create a spa-like feel for potential buyers.

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Kitchens – There is definitely a reason white kitchens are in.  While some may argue otherwise, I personally think this is a trend to stay.  Similar to bathrooms, white kitchens appear cleaner, streamlined and welcoming.  However, transforming your kitchen is costly and sometimes unnecessary if it already has good bones.  Consider adding pops of white or cream in décor, flowers, canisters, plates, vases and utensil holders.










Wall Art – This may seem like a strange place to call out white, however, diligently choosing wall art with pops of neutral, in particular white or cream adds a level of neutrality often softening abstracts and modernizing traditional pieces.  It can be in the art itself or the frame/mat.

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Bedrooms – Master bedrooms in particular should feel like a relaxing, calming oasis.  When staging a bedroom to sell, think “hotel-like” when making choices to update your space. If you are anything like me, when I walk into a hotel room with white bedding, especially bedding with layers and texture, I think of modern luxury.  It feels inviting & clean.  It makes me feel like I am there to stay which is always the goal when appealing towards potential buyers.

Bottom line is white is an essential color when staging your home and can be added in many easy & affordable ways.

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