Five Tips to Creating a Master Bedroom to Sell

Creating a beautiful & comfortable master bedroom is essential in preparing a home to sell.  Buyers make many logical choices when narrowing down their home search such as location, square footage and number of bedrooms/baths.  However, making final decisions to buy are often determined by an emotional connection to the home.  Do they feel “at home” when they walk in the door?  Can they visualize a family dinner in the dining room or watching TV in the living room?

The master bedroom should also create a similar connection for the potential buyer as it is one of the most important areas in the home besides the kitchen & main living areas.   Can they see themselves relaxing after a long day in their calm & relaxing sanctuary?  Do they feel the space is organized and free of distractions?  Does it exude quality & comfort?

Your master bedroom can be transformed into a buyers’ dream by following five simple tips:

  1. Choose the Right Color Palette – Paint color has an emotional impact on a buyer. Using the right paint can help sell a home for thousands more according to a 2017 Zillow study of over 32,000 photos of sold homes. Wall color isn’t the only consideration when making color choices.  Another key step in transforming your bedroom is bedding, pillows & wall art.  Stick to shades of white, grey & blue as they suggest tranquil, clean & updated spaces.
  2. Create Balance & Symmetry – Ensure your bed is positioned on the main wall of the room in full view upon walking in. Having two of the same nightstands and lamps helps to ground the space and create a sense of balance & order.  If possible, place your dresser directly opposite the bed.  While all furniture pieces do not have to be matching, they should coordinate with one another in both color tone & scale.  Bedding should also follow the rule of balance with pillows arranged using 3, 5 or 7 total (including sleeping pillows if used in arrangement) to ensure the bed is made evenly.
  3. Add Texture & Layering – The bed should look large & luxurious. Softening hard edges with a duvet or throw is essential in adding a sense of comfort.  Including 2 shams and 3 decorative pillows of different textures will finish the look.  Think a pin tucked cotton duvet with faux fur and silk pillows.
  4. Create a Feature Wall – The best way to do this is with a beautiful headboard that makes a statement in the room. Having a headboard in a master bedroom is worth the investment.  There are many affordable king & queen sized options found online and in discounted home goods stores.  In a pinch, consider adding Euro Pillows on the bed against the wall to add height.  The last step to creating a feature wall is art.  Go for two to three larger canvas art pieces that complement the color tones in the room.
  5. Neatness Counts – Your master bedroom shouldn’t be a catch all for electronics, mail and laundry. Decluttering & depersonalizing this space is a must.  Keeping a few “best times” photos from vacations is fine.  Ensure your bed is made, blinds are open and the floors are swept or vacuumed.

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