Home Staging Austin – The Five Senses to Sell – Scents that Sell

  The sense of smell has the strongest emotional connection point of all our senses.  There are many scents that trigger an emotional response for me, one in particular is the smell of certain garages. It takes me back to playing at my great grandfathers’ house as a little girl.  For sure apple pie and […]

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Five Tips to Creating a Master Bedroom to Sell

Creating a beautiful & comfortable master bedroom is essential in preparing a home to sell.  Buyers make many logical choices when narrowing down their home search such as location, square footage and number of bedrooms/baths.  However, making final decisions to buy are often determined by an emotional connection to the home.  Do they feel “at […]

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Why Hire a Redesigner?

If you have recently moved or are looking for a refresh of your current home, hiring a professional redesigner is an effective & affordable way to transform your home. We help you see your home’s potential by making suggestions on color, organization, furniture placement and some critical accessories to create the home you have always […]

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Why Hire a Professional Home Stager?

Studies have shown that professionally staged homes will sell faster and for 6 – 10% more than a home not professionally staged. For years home staging was considering a luxury for only high-end homes. Now, professional home staging is common place and considered by real estate agents as a critical step in getting a home […]

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